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Welcome tourists!

Welcome to Skulsfjord, Lyfjord and Bellvik. Situated a half hour drive from Tromsø city centre, it is nature at its best right at your doorstep. That is something the tourist industry has noticed as well, and Fv. 58, the road from Finnvika to Skulsfjord, has become one of the most popular places to go on tours in the Tromsø area.


Simultaneously with the growth in tourism the last few years, the amount of traffic along Fv. 58 has increased drastically. We therefore would like to give you as a tourist some advice, either if you are on a guided tour or on your own, to make things as safe as it can be for everyone using the road.

· If you are on or around the road, always use a reflective vest (or similar), to make sure you are visible to drivers.

· Think about where you park your car, and how you park it. Do not park in the middle of a bend, right before one or on the top of a hill.

· Putting on the hazard lights does not mean it is safe for you to park anywhere, and you should only use the hazard lights in an emergency.

· If it is dark, remember to dim down your lights to parking lights or completely off.

· Close the doors of your car, and make sure you have parked it as far out to the edge of the road as possible. Make sure there are no signs prohibiting parking. If you can, find a spot outside the road to park.

· When driving, maintain a low speed through bends, as some of them are much sharper than they seem.

· Also, when driving, keep as far out to the right of the road as possible, especially when meeting another vehicle.

· Drive considerately and enjoy the nature around you.


Public Transport

If you would like to visit us by public transport, use the trip planner on www.tromskortet.no. There you can also find the ferry routes, and prices.



By using this link, you can find directions using Google Maps.



Skulsfjord is the largest of the places, and has around 50 houses and 120 habitants, where around 30 of them are under the age of 18. Skulsfjord has three farms, two with milk production, and one with equestrian facilities.



Lyfjord is beautifully located in the inner part of the fjord with the same name, and has around 14 houses and about 25 habitants. Above the settlement, there are large fields, harvested by the farmers in Skulsfjord.



Bellvik and Bellvikeidet has two houses and a collection of cabins on. It also has a small beach that is popular in the summertime.